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26 Jul


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Checking In on Foursquare

July 26, 2011 | By | One Comment

Yesterday’s post about Facebook Places got me thinking about Foursquare, the first location-based social networking website that I remember hearing about. So what’s going on with Foursquare?

They announced last month that they have 10 million registered users and more than half a million businesses registered for service.  That’s quite impressive being that they’ve only been around since March of 2009. That would explain why American Express has decided to expand its partnership with them after a successful pilot program. During the pilot you could link your AmEx and Foursquare accounts, spend at least $5 at a local merchant in Austin and you’d get a $5 savings applied directly to your monthly statement. With the expansion of the partnership AmEx card users will be able to link their accounts with Foursquare allowing them to take advantage of special offers.

For Blackberry users they released their most updated app, foursquare 3.0. You get personalized recommendations on places to go, search for what you want or just tap an activity. It also included an easy way to grab daily deals with their partners, LivingSocial, GiltCity, BuyWithMe, and zozi without leaving the foursquare app.

With all this going on with Foursquare it will be interesting to see if Facebook can get the same kind of participation from users and businesses. Have you used either Foursquare or Facebook Places to check-in? If so, which one gives you more reason to continue to use it?


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