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25 May


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Building the Foundation for Social Media Strategy

May 25, 2010 | By | No Comments

pouring concreteAny 4-year-old could tell you that the first step in building a house is laying a foundation or base. So why do so many companies jump into the social media landscape without a basic foundation? The good news is that laying the groundwork for an effective online listening and reputation management strategy is not as hard as it might sound. Here are three things you can do now to form the base for social media stardom.

Get the big dogs on board

Enthusiastic leadership is an important first step to any successful project, whether it’s adding a new product line or building a new facility. Social media strategy is no different. Because networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Digg are relatively new to enterprise, it can be hard to get buy-in from executives unfamiliar with the benefits and uncertain about the investment.

One way to help decision makers understand the social media landscape is to get a no-cost, risk-free assessment from a professional monitoring company like us. This will provide some of the hard numbers you may need to convince managers and executives that it’s time to listen to and engage in the online conversation.

Create a social media culture

Is your firm aligned for social media success? From customer service to sales, social media engagement is a multi-departmental endeavor that, in many ways, resembles traditional customer relationship management (CRM) models, Brian Solis writes in “The 10 Stages of Social Media Business Integration.”

If you want social media monitoring and reputation management success, make sure all of your stakeholders understand the value. For example, Jeanne C. Meister and Karie Willyerd suggest implementing a small pilot program that focuses on a specific internal need, such as using a private social network to collaborate on a project or train staff to learn new procedures. Such a project can go a long way toward familiarizing staff with the benefits of social networking.

Outsource to the experts

It all started well enough. IT downloaded a few free programs off the web. You hired a couple of interns to tweet as fast as their fingers could type. And then…nothing happened. If the buzz that surrounded your social media strategy has quieted to a whisper, it’s time to invest in an outsourced solution. We offer the reliable technology and expert staff that can give social media strategy the foundation it needs to succeed.  Forget figuring out which monitoring tool is the best for your business, and leave that to us.  We integrate with multiple back-ends and add and remove technology as needed.

If you want to lay the foundation for a social media strategy that works, from conception to implementation, contact Social Strategy1.

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