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06 Jun



Breckenridge Brewery’s Viral Brilliance

June 6, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

Quote from Breckenridge Brewery's About Page

There is no question that most small businesses lack the budget to compete with larger brands in the television, radio, and print advertising worlds. Now that smaller companies and start-ups are beginning to embrace social media, they are seeing substantial results from cheaper viral marketing strategies. With the ability to market virally at a low cost, web videos have proven to be an outstanding solution for businesses that cannot afford to break the bank on traditional advertising.

Breckenridge Brewery, a Denver based Microbrewery, uses humor and charm to differ their beer offerings from those of their competitors. They are using the major beer companies’ advertisement campaigns to make short, funny videos mocking other brewers’ tag-lines.  The videos branded as “The Low-Budget Truth in Beervertising” and were posted by Beer Advocate (a Boston based, online community of beer enthusiasts and industry professionals) on their YouTube Channel.

The folks at Breckenridge Brewery appropriately tag their brand as a “Cyber Brewery” and have hit one out of the park with these viral videos.  Examples like this one should help smaller businesses realize the power & potential behind viral videos.  Do not think of it as advertising, rather a company being itself, trying to market and gain new customers outside of their normal reach.

All brands can learn from the success these types of campaigns create.  What other small businesses are using short viral videos to make a name for their brand on the web?  Which Breckenridge Brewery video was your favorite?


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