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10 Feb


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Brands Not Ready for Social Media Big Time?

February 10, 2011 | By | No Comments

On Monday, we asked whether Super Bowl advertisers had made the switch from simple broadcasting to messages designed for relationship building and engagement. How did this year’s spots stack up?

Dave Folkens of TopRank knows. His analysis of 2011 Super Bowl ads reveals that many brands fell short of leveraging their ad time to build relationships. For example, he notes that Big Brands frequently included a web address (in small print, albeit) or, in some cases, a Facebook page mention. There were a few who did up the social media ante: Audi’s brief mention of a Twitter contest and Mercedes’ more robust Tweet Race campaign. However, specific calls to action via social media networks were largely absent.

Dave wrote in response to one of his blog readers: “…several million dollars focused on two days of chatter around the water cooler seems like a high price without a broader strategy to drive behavioral change.”

So is social media still too new for brands to invest (at the rate of nearly $3 million for 30 seconds) in a spot designed to elicit social media response? Will increasingly sophisticated social media monitoring and analytic tools change how social media strategy influences ad spending?

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