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30 Aug


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Brands Hear This: Use Twitter’s New Image Galleries

August 30, 2011 | By | No Comments

In case you haven’t heard or noticed, Twitter has made a pretty big change in how they let you share pictures. Up until last week, you could only share pics on Twitter via third party apps. Now you can share up to 100 pictures on your Twitter profile. They will appear in chronological order showing your most recent ones first.

This will bring changes in how brands use Twitter as it gives more longevity to a Tweet. Lauren Fisher recently shared some ideas on how brands can make the most of this new feature. She first calls it “Free advertising.”

Lauren states, “Twitter has given businesses is a whole new page of web real estate that can be used for advertising purposes.”

This is what got my mind racing. In addition to Lauren’s suggestions like photos of latest coupons and offers or showing a ‘Fan of the week’ I can think of a few more ways brands can use pictures. Immediately I thought of contests. Best picture of ‘brand x’ being used will be on the brands gallery. Also, to show pictures of a winner receiving their gift would be great.

It will be interesting to see what brands use the feature without it looking pushy and instead use it to engage and get customers excited about a product or contest. I’ll be keeping my eye on a few brands and share some good and bad examples in the coming weeks. I’ll be checking in on brands like Southwest Airlines, Chipotle, American Express, to name a few. If you can suggest any others, please leave some comments.

Let us know if you run across a good or bad example of a brand using the new Twitter image gallery feature. Or if your brand has made changes to its social media strategy because of it, we’d like hearing about it.

To read Lauren’s full article go to The Next Web.

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