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25 Mar


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Brands & Consumers – Connection Disconnection

March 25, 2011 | By | No Comments

No, it’s not quite Conjunction Junction, but connection disconnection does describe the social media perception gap that exists between brands and consumers. Marketing Pilgrim’s Cynthia Boris reported on a paper from the IBM Institute for Business Value that identified a disconnect: Consumers want the deals and goodies. Brands think consumers want to be part of the brand community.

It seems that Liking a brand may not be much different than some Friending experiences. We’ve probably all received friend requests from a person who is more interested in collecting friends than building a relationship (perhaps the girl who tortured you in school with unflattering names.)

In her post, Cynthia shares a refreshing promo from a company who understands that gap between “I really, really love you, oh wondrous and mighty Brand!” and “Just give me the deal already.” MiO, who manufactures a liquid water enhancer, ran this promotion:

 “In order for us to shower you with free gifts, you must fake an interest in going steady with us on Facebook. ‘Like’ us above.”

I love it! What do you think?

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