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07 Apr


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Brand Ambassadors, Google Style

April 7, 2011 | By | No Comments

Got brand ambassadors? Google does. The company has launched a student ambassador program on 85 U.S. and Canadian college campuses, according to a CNN report. The student team is not paid, but they do get swag.

What do the ambassadors do? As the article notes, the students proclaim the gospel according to Google on their respective campuses. For example, they might offer live demonstrations, such as one Arizona University ambassador’s party to showcase the Google TV app. The product was demonstrated during a viewing party (complete with subs, pizza, and Google foam fingers) for a school football rivalry game.

Google hasn’t forgotten the power of offline promotion. It made me wonder what brands can do offline to promote their social media efforts. Have you:

  • Promoted brand social media URLs on business cards, brochures, and other printed materials? Promoted it on swag?
  • Told the entire company (R&D, accounting, maintenance, etc.) about the brand’s social media efforts? Remember, employees are ready-made ambassadors.
  • Verbally recommended the company blog or YouTube channel to clients, vendors, or other stakeholders?

Feel free to share your tips for offline promotion of social media efforts—we’d love to hear them!

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