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06 Apr


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Battlefield Mobile Wallet, Who Will Win?

April 6, 2011 | By | One Comment

Just in case you were wondering what the future of mobile payments is going to look  like, NFC, near-field communication will fill the landscape soon. NFC technology allows the wireless transfer of data between two devices within a short distance. With NFC you will no longer have the need for a wallet, all you’ll need to make purchases will be your phone.

Although all the big players are beginning to take steps to offer the next big game changer, they are all definitely going in the direction to make it widely available to all mobile solutions.

Mashable’s Ben Parr recently gave us a breakdown on the steps each player is taking to bring NFC to the U.S. market:

Google: Although the Android OS already includes NFC support, most Android phones don’t carry the chips yet. However they have made plans to start testing a mobile-payment service at stores in New York and San Francisco, reported Bloomberg.

Apple: Reportedly they are considering adding NFC to the iPhone 5. According to Mashable, Apple has been testing NFC payments on its Cupertino campus for months. They also have iTunes which makes them the company with the most credit card information on the web.

AT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile: Teamed up to announce their joint venture Isis to facilitate the addition of NFC to their phones. The three carriers combined will then make NFC transactions available to over 200 million customers in the U.S.

Amazon: Reportedly exploring its own mobile payment service. Although they already have Amazon payments, it doesn’t have and NFC product.

Microsoft: Also reportedly getting into the game by getting NFC into its OS this year. Their partner Nokia is already committed to NFC.

Some of these players are more ahead than others but it’s still too early to tell who will take over the lead.

Who do you think will win the war or at least make the first strike and take over the biggest territory in the mobile payments field?


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