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28 Jul


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Are We Becoming Smartphone Addicts?

July 28, 2011 | By | One Comment

58% of Americans between 25 and 34, 49% of people 18-24, and 44% of those ages 35-44 now own a smartphone. That means that 35% of adults in America currently own a smartphone, and almost 75% of these smartphone owners sleep with the device right next to their bed (Pew Research).

I know many people who are scared that their cell phone will cause Cancer but a recent study performed by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute has concluded that, “Regular users of mobile phones were not statistically significantly more likely to have been diagnosed with brain tumors compared with nonusers.” This finding will reassure smartphone users that no matter how much they use it, it won’t affect their health.

Our smartphones are with us where ever we go. A Stanford University Study of students who own an Apple iPhone revealed that 85% of iPhone users used their phone as a watch, and 89% used it as an alarm clock.  The same study found that 32% of iPhone owners were concerned about becoming addicted to their device.  The most telling statistics are that 54% of users said the phone made them more productive and 74% said that it made them feel more organized. In this quick changing world productivity and organization are so important.

Smartphone users are also ramping up data plan usage.  According to Pew Research, 87% of smartphone owners use their device to access the internet or to check email (68% use smartphone to go online).   Also very interesting that 25% of smartphone users claim that their mobile device is how they typically access the internet. People are using their smartphones more as technology evolves.

As we continue to use our smartphones more and more daily, the word “addict” will surely be assigned to lots of people.  Do you feel like smartphone users are headed for addiction or are they becoming more organized and efficient people?


  1. The only time I am separated from my smart phone is when I am at yoga class and its socially unacceptable. Kind of scary how much I rely on it. Headed for addiction? A lot of us are already there! But maybe thats just what comes with evolving technologically.

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