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01 Apr


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Are All Products Created Equally for Social Media?

April 1, 2011 | By | No Comments

As consumers, we love to talk about that quaint new restaurant we discovered or the local blues band we’ve fallen in love with. Wine industry expert and Vintank chief strategy officer Paul Mabray, in a guest post on Aaron Strout’s Citizen Marketer 2.1, writes that the experiential nature of some products make them a natural fit for social media. For example, consumers enjoy sharing their personal stories associated with travel, food, restaurants, and entertainment. Paul writes: “Why?  Because social media is fundamentally a channel for sharing and it is inherently human nature to share our experiences.”

So what about brands offering products or services that are less-than-natural conversation starters, like, for example, soap—can they, to borrow from Paul, create “the natural phenomenon that inspires people to want to authentically share stories…”?

How do you think brands with less experiential products or services can leverage social media to create the kind of experience that makes consumers want to share?

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