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24 Mar


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Approaching a Mobile App Developer

March 24, 2011 | By | No Comments

Just like social media, mobile is here and will only continue to grow and gain market share. For those of you in the process of coming up with a mobile strategy, Mashable’s Brian Casel gives us this list to guide you and help you make decisions that will help you get the most out of your mobile efforts when approaching a developer.

  1. Define Your Need for a Mobile Site – New website/s, addition to existing desktop website or redesigning existing and creating a mobile website. Each brings a different approach so best to get that in front of the developer early on.
  2. Consider the Business Objectives – To get the best design, document fully what you aim to get out of the mobile website. Your objectives should be prioritized as there are different limitations on mobile and the designer may have to make decisions on what can and can’t be delivered.
  3. Study the Data of the Past Before Moving Forward – Hopefully you’ve already had a desktop driving some traffic and you’ve been tracking your visitor’s activity with a tool such as Google Analytics. Use data such as which browsers, devices, and any important metric that will help you design with your current visitors in mind.
  4. Practice Responsive Web Design – Make sure you design your site to scale and adapt to any device/browser it’s viewed on.
  5. Simplicity is Golden, But… – Even though it’s best to keep things simple you can still create a visually appealing mobile website by using gradients, drop-shadows, and rounded corners.

You can continue reading 6 – 10 on Mashable.

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