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23 Aug


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Accountant Community Interests Taxpayers

August 23, 2011 | By | No Comments

Accountants are boring people…yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard that joke. Just don’t tell that to the taxpayers who flock to Intuit’s TurboTax Live Community, where more than 770,000 tax-related questions have been answered since 2007. How does Intuit do it?

eMarketer shares a key lesson from their Live Community case study: Answers are provided by a combination of expert “super users” (tax professors, accountants, etc.) and TurboTax employees. In fact, over 90% of employees have accounts that allow them to answer community questions and listen to what customers are saying. Jeff Stevenson, Intuit’s Live Community manager told eMarketer, “Our employees receive in-depth training on how we respond to customers and how to use Live Community the best ways possible.

It’s a wise lesson for companies who want to be socially savvy, even for those who don’t host a branded community. In-depth training is pivotal for empowering social media reps to interact quickly and professionally. And that education needs to be more comprehensive than “Don’t use obscene words on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.” It involves training employees on industry compliance, conflict of interest issues, and a host of other factors.

Education is a core component of a social media strategy that lays the foundation for profitability. Start laying that foundation today by talking to one of Social Strategy1’s expert strategists.

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