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30 May


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A Useful Guide For Proper And Effective Link Building

May 30, 2012 | By | No Comments

Making your online business come alive and thrive requires patient link building and a deliberate plan for reaching out to both potential customers and leaders in your industry. Link building is the process of cultivating high-quality, relevant links to your site from external sites, such as other people’s blogs, articles and reviews. These links – which will come if your content is engaging and presents value to consumers – let you attain higher rankings in the search engines and help bring vital traffic to your site.

Effective link building requires that you provide interesting, entertaining or useful content that someone might want to link to, then optimize those links by asking that person to modify the link to include keywords that benefit your organic search results for important terms related to your business.

The willingness of others to link to your site will depend on the type and quality of content you provide:

  • Data and information: Useful, amusing, or surprising data and information will always attract interest. An easily understood infographic, timeline or video should spark many links.
  • Egobait: This type of content is designed to complement or flatter leaders in your industry. It gets their attention and inspires them to link to your content. Be genuine and sincere with your praise; false flattery will alienate people you want as allies.
  • E-books and guest posts: Writing an e-book will help cement your reputation in your industry, while guest posts on others’ blogs and sites will generate interest in the e-book and create opportunities for links back to your site.

Put together general profiles of your preferred customers. These profiles will help you focus on creating content that those customers would want. Social listening services, such as those offered by Social Strategy1, can give you a very good idea of what your customer base is talking about and how their online conversations reflect their needs and wants.

Direct contact
When you know who is linking to you, take the direct approach and contact the site owner. Ask the owner to change the anchor text in the link to include relevant keywords likely to increase your search engine ranking. Don’t just send a form letter; make a genuine effort to reach out to the people who are linking to you. They will appreciate the one-on-one contact, and will likely be more responsive to your request.

Social Strategy1’s research and analytics services can help you tap into the link-building networks available through social media users’ online interactions. Contact us today to find out how our social media monitoring can improve the social listening in your market segment, showing you who is out there, what they want, and what they are saying about your business.

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