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23 Nov


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A Social Media Blog Entry for Turkey Week

November 23, 2010 | By | No Comments

Whether you celebrate with a turducken for 2 dozen or a tofurky for one special someone, your mind may not be entirely motivated this week. This entry is just for you. These YouTube videos offer some of the most interesting uses of social media. Perhaps a few will inspire your own social media efforts—or maybe they’ll just give your brain an entertaining way to spend a few minutes before the Thanksgiving chaos commences. Enjoy!

Sienna Swagger Wagon

This rap about the Toyota Sienna has tallied about 7.3 million views on YouTube. The lyrics relate the day-in/day-out life of family—from the mom who proudly declares she “owns bake sales” because of her cupcake skills to a dad who enjoys tea parties with his daughter (and keeps his pinkie up, of course). It’s a narrative that (almost) makes minivans look cool.

United Breaks Guitars

Musician Dave Carroll posted this video after a 9-month effort to have United Airlines assume responsibility for a guitar severely damaged by baggage handlers. Nearly 10 million views later, it’s become a case study for the relationship between public relations and social media.

Kia Soul Hamsters

First there were Dancing Hampsters. Then there were Zhu Zhu Pets. Now we have the Kia Soul Hamsters. The YouTube commercial by the South Korean auto maker has garnered more than 3 million views and, on the heels of that success, spurred the company to launch a related contest and a clothing line.

Old Spice Guy

Buff and barely dressed, the Old Spice Guy took the social media world by storm. The campaign that started with a series of commercials for that scent your grandfather wore ended the summer with a string of videos that personally addressed questions from fans that included A-list celebrities (like Demi Moore) and everyday folks (like @houndshockey71). Old Spice took customer engagement to a new level.

Whether your own social media creativity was sparked or you simply took a few minutes to look at interesting video, we hope you enjoyed the review. The Social Strategy1 team wishes you a happy Thanksgiving, and we apologize in advance if the Kia Soul Hamsters haunt your tryptophan-induced slumber.

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