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A Plan for B2B Social Media Stardom

April 6, 2011 | By | No Comments

Quick…which brands do you think do the best job of engaging customers through social media? Many of us are ready to cite a litany of B2Cs, including Starbucks and Zappos. B2Bs aren’t top of mind for many when it comes to naming master social media engagers. How do B2Bs get more social? Marketing expert Lee Odden shares his action plan.

He writes that many B2B marketers who are just starting out in social focus mostly on message distribution (i.e. tweeting, Facebook posts, etc.) instead of creating and nurturing genuine human engagement. Lee gives several tips for starting to fashion a more mature B2B social media marketing campaign that engages audiences and generates ROI.

One tip is “plan to win.” Lee isn’t just talking about going into B2B social media with the general idea that you want to succeed. Instead, brands need to envision a concrete, actionable plan that goes beyond posting a LinkedIn profile. He recommends several tactics, including forecasting the people and processes needed to use social media as a “significant marketing channel.” Check out Lee’s TopRank for more details.

There are B2Bs who have latched onto the social trend in a big way. Check out this BtoB article to learn about the rise of B2B social commerce sites, including our partner OfficeArrow.

Do you have tips to share with B2Bs that want to truly engage on social media?

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