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27 May


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A Facebook Tactic to Drive B2B Traffic

May 27, 2011 | By | No Comments

Facebook for B2B? You bet. While sites like LinkedIn are important for building B2B connections, Facebook has tools that allow you to integrate the leading social network into a B2B strategy. One way to accomplish that is with the Send button, writes Pete Hall on Capture the Conversation.

The Facebook Send button is a social plug-in that allows B2B audiences to easily and privately share content with others as a URL to the Friend’s inbox, as a post on the wall of a Facebook group, or as an email. (In contrast, the Like Button shares content with all a user’s Friends by posting it in the user’s profile and feed.)

What makes the Send button B2B friendly? Often a decision maker isn’t the same person who does the initial research on a product or service. In fact, as Pete suggests, the initial contact may be an influencer, a staffer who distills research into need-to-know info for the decision maker. By incorporating the Facebook Send button into content pages, you provide the influencer with an easy—and private—way to share your brand’s content.

Check out Pete’s full article for Facebook tactics that drive B2B traffic.

What tips can you share for using Facebook for B2B engagement?

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