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10 Sep


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4 Lunch Break Social Media Strategy Boosters

September 10, 2010 | By | No Comments

Social media strategy takes time. From developing an online listening program to building a base of devoted online influencers, social success—virtual style—doesn’t happen overnight. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t quick and easy things you can do to boost your social media endeavors. Check out these 4 strategies that are so quick and painless you can finish one or more over lunch:

  1. Tweak your email signature to include links to social media you want to promote, whether it’s the Twitter account for the new launch or your own corporate blog. The signature already includes your core contact info, so why not add the social network urls that let the world know your brand is tapped in and ready to talk.
  2. Update your own professional social network profile, especially if your profile resume ends two jobs ago. Even if you don’t actively use a professional network, your profile is still being viewed by anyone from reporters and headhunters to vendors and clients. An updated profile is a no-brainer part of managing online reputation because it allows you to control and present a positive image of yourself as well as the brand you represent.
  3. Make like a spy and checkout the social media presence of at least one competitor. Even if you have a formal social media monitoring program, putting your own eyeballs on the website might give you insight into the competition and how they’re engaging (or not engaging) consumers.
  4. Brainstorm blog topics if you author a blog. Take 5 minutes to jot down as many potential blog titles as possible. Double the brainstorming power by asking a colleague to storm ideas with you. Sure, he or she might make you buy them lunch in exchange, but you’ll come away with a ready-made list that will make your life easier the next time an entry is overdue and you haven’t yet typed a word.

Yes, it’s important to listen to chatter and engage in conversation. But it’s also important to incorporate those little touches that support the bigger picture.  So, what are you waiting for? Find out how many of these you can accomplish during lunch today.

To learn more about all the things that make a social media strategy a success, contact Social Strategy1.

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