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14 Dec


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3 Ways to Use Keywords to Boost Social Media Monitoring

December 14, 2010 | By | No Comments

Keywords aren’t just for SEO anymore. For years, these magical words and phrases have been a critical part of building content that’s attractive to both humans and search engines. Now words are becoming a must-have part of building a social media presence that generates ROI. Here are three ways to use keywords to boost a social media monitoring (SMM) campaign:

  1. Brand Intelligence. From variations of the brand name (including misspellings) to the names of key personnel, savvy keyword selection allows you to tap into the conversations you need to hear. It is real time access to the info needed to manage the brand’s online reputation, refine processes to build the best possible customer experience, and nurture positive relationships with influencers.
  2. Competitive Intelligence. Don’t limit the keyword list to your own brand name or products. Listen to conversations regarding competitors as well. Are the competition’s long-time clients protesting a new not-so-customer-friendly policy? Is their new product riddled with bugs? Competition-related keywords give you the intelligence to find new opportunities.
  3. Industry intelligence. Social media monitoring with the right keywords helps brands dig deeply into their industry landscape, providing the info that leads to analysis-based decisions. Utilizing keywords for industry intelligence allows you and other company decision makers to boost profitability, reduce risk, align strategies with trends, and develop an inclusive view of the market.

The correct keywords are a path to the info that transforms a reactive company into one that’s proactive. For more keyword ideas, check out this Social Strategy1 blog entry. To learn more about building a complete Web strategy that includes comprehensive social media monitoring and online engagement, contact Social Strategy1.

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