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25 Aug


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3 Tips for Making Social Media Guidelines Work

August 25, 2011 | By | No Comments

Do you have internal social media guidelines? No, Legal’s command “Do not tweet anything that will get us sued” doesn’t quite count. First, it’s scary. Second, it doesn’t take into account the whole range of tactics that will make your biggest asset—your staff—more successful when it comes to online engagement.

Want to create an effective corporate social media policy? Here are 3 tips, based on Barry Hurd’s excellent post on 123 Social Media:

  1. “Don’t let employees fail as individuals.” Help the entire team learn quickly by sharing your own social media mistakes. This shortens the learning curve and makes the staff more effective, more quickly. It also helps employees understand that you are all entering the social media world as a team.
  2. “Reverse mentor.” The mentor relationship is typically perceived as one in which the older person counsels the younger in the ways of the business world. Flip that idea on its head and encourage internal social media stars, regardless of age or title, to share ideas and tips with colleagues and with other departments.
  3. Provide access to expertise/information.” Train. Educate. Repeat. Implement training and offer regular reviews of corporate social media guidelines. Education also entails giving brand social media reps access to the resources and workflows that help them assist customers as quickly as possible.

Can you share tips for developing internal social media guidelines?

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