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10 May


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3 Non-Financial Social Media Metrics

May 10, 2011 | By | No Comments

It’s all about the ROI. Return on investment is the gold-standard for measuring social media’s impact on the bottom line, but there are other metrics that provide invaluable insight into the health and well-being of a social media strategy.

Michael Brito, author of the upcoming Smart Business, Social Business, shares a framework for establishing measurement. In addition to monetary measurements, like ROI, he suggests measuring non-financial impact factors, including:

  • Community Health, Growth: These metrics include unique visitors and page views, content views and downloads, and content or channel RSS subscriptions.
  • Community Health, Engagement: From likes and shares to YouTube embeds and blog comments, these engagement metrics provide insight into the health of the brand conversation.
  • Share of Voice & Sentiment: These measurements define the brand’s “conversational weight expressed as a percentage of a defined total market” as well as the context of those conversations. Are they positive? Negative? Neutral?

Thoughts on incorporating non-financial impact metrics into social media strategy?

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