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27 Apr


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2 Tips to Make Your Social Content Stand Out

April 27, 2011 | By | One Comment

It seems nearly every brand posts, blogs, and Tweets. Why should your company add one more message to the social media mix—especially when content creation requires your team to invest time and people power? Magdalena Georgieva gives us a peek at David Meerman Scott’s answer to that question on HubSpot Blog’s Weekly Marketing Cast.

It’s true that there is a virtual ton of information shared via the web and social media. But, David says, there are tactics that will help customers find you among all that clutter:

  • Share valuable, targeted content.
  • Incorporate the same keywords and phrases your customers use so they can easily find the content.

For me, at the heart of David’s advice is the idea that successful social media strategy needs a plan. So if you’re the author of a little-read corporate blog or you’re working with a decision maker who’s still not convinced social media is worth the investment, don’t throw up your hands in despair. Look at your current content and ask yourself: is it valuable to the target consumer? Is it optimized so that person can find it? If not, create and implement an action plan that makes it all happen.



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