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22 Mar


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2 Reasons Brands Must Monitor the Social Web

March 22, 2011 | By | No Comments

Blogs, YouTube videos, tweets…you’ve got content creation down to a science—but are you measuring all those social media marketing efforts? David Meerman Scott writes that metrics are the key to measuring success in the online space.  And he’s 100% right.

Here are two reasons brands must have intelligence to make social media campaigns work:

Measure twice; cut once. This is a favorite saying of my father-in-law—and for those of us who do home improvement projects with him, it’s one that sometimes drives us bonkers because the measuring seems to take so long. But he never, ever needs to re-do a project because he didn’t measure his materials or space.

Likewise, social media monitoring before a campaign launches gives you the measurements needed to guide decisions about where, when, and how to implement social media tactics. In other words, you won’t waste time building a Twitter presence when none of your customers use that particular platform.

Can you hear me now? Once you start that blog or Twitter stream, social media monitoring gives you insight into whether the tactic has resonance. David recommends a variety of metrics, such as measuring for search results for relevant keywords or pinpointing how often other bloggers are writing about your ideas.

Have the results of a social media monitoring program spurred you to change social media strategy or tactics?

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