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28 Jan


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1 Hungry Baby, 1 Upset Mom and 7,000 Hits

January 28, 2011 | By | No Comments

Have you heard about the mom who launched a blog and in just a week of launching the blog, ended up organizing a flash mob in a Canadian mall? You heard right, Shannon Smith, a Canadian mother of three, was asked to leave a children’s clothing store because some of the staff were offended by her breast-feeding of her 5 month old baby. Humiliated, she decided to go for retribution and created a blog about breast-feeding to share her experience and get support. A week later, a flash mob had been organized, there was national coverage of the story and over 100 comments on the first blog post. The site also has over 7,000 hits already.

One of the commenters made a clever point, albeit doubtful, but clever marketing stategy nonetheless.

Dr. Russell S. said: “MALLS are always looking for ways to get customers in the doors . I think this might have been a GREAT Marketing stunt and Boy it sure worked. I heard the BREAST DAY FEED IN really drew a BIG Crowd especially MEN which is something the MALLS have always tried to attract. The Mail Buyers. IT WORKED! When’s the next BREAST FEED IN? I want to come.”

This is a great example of how social media enables one person to create impact in just a week. With access to mass communication tools like blogs and social networking platforms like Facebook, consumers and brands alike can get instant exposure and get folks whom they’ve never met involved to voice a message on a massive scale.

I’m sure the clothing store where this all happened has a whole new appreciation for the power of the digital word.

You can read this article Breast-Feeding Moms Create Flash Mob for the full details.

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